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The Catlike Mixino Legend shoes make you unique. The Catlike Mixino Legend are the last step in evolution of cycling shoes, looking for performance and trend retro with all the technology incorporated. The leather used is of the highest quality, hydrofuged with a special 3M treatment to provide greater durability. In addition to water and grease repellency. Each skin is unique and may be different due to its special characteristics. The adjustment and ergonomics have been taken care of to the maximum offer exceptional comfort and fit. It has an ergonomic carbon fiber sole with graphene inserts to better adapt to the shape of the cyclist's foot, and withstand the thrust of pedaling. Reinforced toe and heel pad to provide greater comfort.

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Desde el 39 al 47 ambos incluidos
  • Clarino
  • Ergonomics
  • Carbon+Graphene