The graphene helmet that protected Malori

There are only two sports left that are epic, and honorable: cycling and mountaineering. When George Leigh Mallory ascended the Everest on the 7th of June, 1924 he never would have accepted the goal if he knew the outcome. 38 year old Mallory burned his last bullet to touch the sky. The question is not if he achieved it; the question is what he should achieve.

By the end of January at Tour de San Luis in Argentine lands, another Malori took the heroic relief

With no equipment besides a customized helmet with graphene, Adriano Malori was riding at 60 km/h in a slight descent section, an invite to attack to the good riders like him. The time trial pro sprinter was looking for a good escape when a bump caused a multi person crash. The worst hit was taken by Malori himself.

A cranioencephalic trauma left him with the right of his body paralyzed. 4 days later at the hospital in critical condition, he celebrated his 28th birthday.



The Mixino saved Adrianos life. A graphene helmet made in Spain. The unique cycling helmet that includes an inner safety aramid of futuristic material. This Catlike helmet was destroyed to protect him.

But the shock of the peloton was turned into disbelief. Eight months later, Malori took his bike to come back as a professional cyclist again. 8 months. 244 days. 5856 hours which was his biggest sacrifice inside and outside the race. Those thousands of hours Malori built his own miracle to astonish the cycling world.

The last words written by Mallory (the mountaineer) was that he advanced the final victory, or defeated it. Mallori (the cyclist) completed his comeback in Quebec at a World Tour competition in 120 kilometers. Did both of them achieve the victory, or the defeat? Is there someone who has doubts if Mallory and Malori have made a name in the history of sport?

No. No one doubts it. Because the success and the victory are far from the summit and the finish line.


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