What graphene entails in a safe bike helmet

Sometimes, the fashion and trend make us forget that cycling helmet is an element of safety on the bike, and therein the Graphene has much to contribute. Of course, create designs of organic, aerodynamic, bike helmets, which improve ventilation and adapt and adjust well to head has to take into account, but always behind a factor: creating a safe helmet.

For that, Catlike has been and still is the only brand of helmets bike using Graphene to make safer helmets. The internal mesh of aramid (a very similar to the kevlar material) with Graphene nanoparticles was an achievement of the innovation. Now, applies it to its new models, Catlike helmets with Graphene for greater safety in the Catlike Kilauea and the Catlike Vento.

But, what is Graphene?

They call it the material of the future, although it already begins to be present. Graphene is a curious substance. It is composed of pure carbon, but these carbon atoms are placed in position regular hex, as it is the case with graphite. Graphene is virtually transparent, but its hardness is much higher even than the diamond or 200 times stronger than the strongest current steel.

This resistance but mostly this distribution of the internal structure of the Graphene makes before an impact the distribution of energy optimal. That Yes, the application of Graphene is very complex, it is a material that is still working level nanotechnology, i.e., at a microscopic level.

For a safe bicycle helmet, Graphene can provide hardness and redeployment of the forces of impact.


Para un casco seguro de bicicleta, el grafeno puede aportar dureza y redistribución de las fuerzas de impacto. De hecho, aquí te comparábamos la importancia de un casco hecho en España.

What Graphene can bring in a safe helmet

That is the question that Catlike resolved: Graphene, impregnating a mesh that serves as the structure for the hull form, will improve response values to impact. The first helmet to incorporate this technology was the Catlike Mixino and still no marks except for Catlike has managed to apply Graphene in their cycling helmets.

Aramid internal mesh keeps the helmet in a piece in the case of multiple impacts, and Graphene microparticles absorb the impact forces or respond with toughness but with optimal distribution of this coup.

In fact, Catlike Mixino is the only town that passes the approvals required by regulations up to 6 times. It’s not enough for a helmet safe with overcoming a test, they get beat it up to 6 times hitting the weights at the same point. Expanded polystyrene pieces will be and will absorb impacts, but the inner mesh of aramid and Graphene will prevent that you lose a part of the town and your head is revealed, or that the impact comes to your head.


In 2019 Catlike has presented other 2 new models with the application of Graphene to make them 100 percent safe helmets. It is the new top of the range, Catlike Kilauea, and a new aerodynamic helmet, Catlike Vento. Both with an internal mesh of Graphene and aramid.

Other Graphene cycling applications

The truth is that he doesn’t investigate about Graphene, and not just in Cycling helmets. Graphene has been applied in some other products, such as covers and tires. But it has also applied to products in which Graphene can also play a fundamental role, such as the soles of the slippers of cycling.


Cyclists demand toughness in carbon soles, and sometimes it is not enough. Catlike has created soles of carbon in which also applies Graphene nanoparticles, getting a unique hardness. In fact, the new Catlike Legend (an exclusive model of leather) and Catlike Whisper Evo sneakers (for road or mountain bike) incorporate this sole of carbon and Graphene.


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