Spanish helmet vs. Chinese helmet: how to differentiate them

Counterfeits are the order of the day and cycling is no different. However, there are brands like Catlike developed the production of their models in Spain. This fact complicates its falsification. A fake Chinese Helmets made impossible in technologically complex models such as the Catlike Mixino or the new Catlike Kilauea or Catlike Vento. You will learn the differences between an original helmet, a helmet made in Spain, and a Chinese town of low quality.

Spanish helmet: the quality in production and technology

Catlike produces their helmets in Spain. Specifically in Yecla, Murcia, where he has his headquarters. In fact, its facilities can visit appointment, to contemplate manufacturing a product of the highest quality and safety requirement. A Spanish town 100%. Nothing to do with Chinese helmets that you can find in the market.

The fact is you’re going to find Chinese helmets of almost all brands in the market, but not high-end Catlike helmets. Why does this occur? It is easy to explain: the design of bike as the Catlike Mixino helmets requires a technology so advanced that the cost of replicating it is very high, which makes it uneconomic.

It also happens that many brands have outsourced their production and relocated their factories to Asia to reduce production costs. This gives fuel to replicas. However, brands like Catlike have retained its production in Spain, much more complicated this process.

Catlike produces completely Spanish helmets. When we talk about technology we refer for example to the organic design of the Catlike Mixino, almost impossible to imitate. The identity of Catlike is unmistakable, just have to see these three images in 3 different decades, to check that a helmet Catlike is identified to the League. Hence their slogan “Be Catlike, Be Different”.



Catlike Mixino also carries a unique internal mesh made of aramid and coated with nanoparticles of Graphene. The use of nanotechnology makes it virtually impossible to imitate this Spanish town. This internal mesh protects the rider in case of second impacts in the fall since the helmet will remain and will retain a piece, protecting the head at all times before successive hits.


All these details make Catlike helmet made in Spain of high-end and quality impossible to replicate.

Chinese helmet: an error make your life to a piece of plastic

However, a Chinese helmet or a helmet manufactured as imitation in mainly Asian countries, will not be more than a polycarbonate shell filled with expanded polystyrene. It will not carry a good retention that fit the helmet to your head, nor high qualities or in own polycarbonate and polystyrene, but above all never include elements of high-tech research as aramid or Graphene and its application in the Catlike Mixino internal mesh.


In fact, don’t believe in Catlike we have not tried to find a replica of the Catlike Mixino, but we have not found it. There are thousands of copied brands, they even try to approach organic designs like the Catlike, but Catlike Mixino is a single hull and is impossible to play off our production line.


The same is true with the new models: the Catlike Kilauea and the Catlike Vento will go on sale this Christmas, and both will take the famous internal mesh of Graphene patented Catlike and flameproof. A unique safety feature that hopefully never have to test, but that, when the time comes, can save your life. Never forget that the helmet is a safety element. In Catlike we make products of groundbreaking, unique and different design, but without forgetting that it is your head that will go under and protect your dreams first and foremost.


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