Rafael Botello during disability week: “support our sport is null, but also have to do self-criticism.”

Rafael Botello is an example of overcoming. This year became the first Spanish to finish six large marathons internationally, an achievement within reach of very few. A few days ago celebrated the disabled international day, and Rafa Botello is one of the best examples of where are the limits for persons with reduced mobility: much further from what we usually think.

Botello leads more than one decade to be an elite athlete and in recent years has been able to finish marathons in New York, Chicago, Boston, Berlin, London, and Tokyo.

Rafael Botello: an exemplary athlete to claim the disability day

To date, it is absolutely unprecedented in Spanish sport: no professional athlete, absolutely none with or without disabilities, had achieved such a feat. It has become the first Spanish athlete to get it in this 2018, but it’s not enough for him.

His next target, 2019, which he will face a high number of tests, demand, and level which will attempt to fight not only for participating but by earning another podium. In fact, he has touched metals in many tests, climbing to the top of the drawer, as in Rome on several occasions, or at Dubai the past 2017.

We interviewed Botello on the occasion of the disability day

We speak with Rafa Botello about reaching this achievement in the week of persons with disabilities, and to celebrate the day of disability in other words: chatting with an elite athlete on and off the track.

“My goals have been defined months: in spring, Boston and London marathons. London is also World Championship in a wheelchair, so it is a momentous event. And in the fall, Berlin, Chicago marathons and will close the year in New York”.


On the achievement of its achievement, the be the first Spanish with or without disability ending 6 big world marathons, Botello emphasizes the day of disability that “how difficult is to do it as elite, as it has been my case. How complicated is with you and invite you, something that does absolutely no Marathon in Spain. We take into account, respect us enormously as athletes in all these big races,” he says.

When it comes to competing at this level, the protection is important since speeds over the Chair are quite high. “With Catlike are 9 years together and it gives me a tremendous confidence to know that I have them on the head”, assures Botello.

“I know I’ve been products manufactured in Spain with very comprehensive quality controls. I’ve been to the factory, I have seen how made helmets that I’ve been, and no other brand gives that me. And no matter if I have a ventilated helmet or an aerodynamic helmet because there is evidence that has more down and the conditions of ventilation and aerodynamics that offer me Catlike nobody cannot offer them in the sector.”


Rafael Botello visits annually Catlike, to design hulls of cycling that season to season, and make an assessment every year.

“I have seen with my own eyes how well-chosen up to 6 times the Mixino Catlike than soil lead, and as the inner mesh of Graphene and flameproof distributing the distribution of powers. When you race you do not think in that, but when you finish after having gone to enough speed and think of the danger to which you’ve faced, promises you that you wore Catlike on the head,” concludes Botello.

Paralympic sports support further than the disability day

Botello said that Government support for sport, in general, is low compared to other countries visited, but also makes a profound self-criticism.

“The athletes supporting Paralympic is null.” But I do self-criticism also towards ourselves since many Paralympic forget that our sport continues to be a minority and that work is the support of private brands. “Not enough to run a race every four years, as much that it is about an Olympic Games, and spend another four years without activity on social networks, events, that because brands which demand support.”


But at the same time, it ensures that “aid to our sport are insignificant. That is a reality. In my case, to run these marathons as media, the truth is that brands see them with good eyes. And I try to work not only to train hard but in my professional profile, daily in making visible my personal brand and my sponsors. Everyone is very happy with me and I have no complaints in this regard. Catlike, for example, has almost a decade supporting me and enormously valued my work.”

To celebrate this day of disability and this week dedicated to Paralympic sport, talk with Rafa Botello has without doubt been a good way to take stock of the reality of the State of this sport, beyond cycling, beyond of bicycle helmets. Because for Catlike important thing are the people that are right under our helmets.


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