Kristin Armstrong, sole person with triple consecutive gold: “women have greater obstacles to be elite athletes”

He is the only person who has managed in consecutive Olympic Games. She is a woman, she is a mother, she is a Diploma in Sciences of Philosophy, she is a cyclist and she has broken all the Olympic barriers. Nobody had ever achieved it. Until the last Olympic Games of Rio 2016.

The American Kristin Armstrong was faced with an immeasurable challenge: to win her third consecutive gold in the women’s time trial after medals in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. The Idaho cyclist is a unique person, with absolutely historical capabilities whose echo has not been so marked undoubtedly due to the secondary role to which women’s sport is relegated. Because his deed is available to very few, more specifically to anyone. Absolutely nobody, ever, has achieved what Kristin Armstrong achieved in Rio de Janeiro.

Who is Kristin Armstrong

He was born in Memphis, in 1973. It has nothing to do with the ex-cyclist Lance Armstrong, more than both share their love for two wheels. Before going on to compete in professional cycling, Kristin was a triathlete and was very focused on improving her swim in order to achieve great results in this branch. But it was on the bike where he excelled, so he trained swimming in a sports center that was also the Director of Management of the entire body of guards and lifeguards. An authentic leader inside and outside the tracks.

His results in triathlon showed that power in one of the three disciplines above the rest: the bicycle. So, following the advice of professional associates, he focused on cycling competition. Your objective: an Olympic gold.

El primer oro olímpico de Kristin Armstrong

This gold would come after several years training exclusively cycling. From 2001 to 2008. Because on August 13 of that year, in Beijing, Kristin Armstrong touched the sky: Olympic gold in the women’s time trial, snatching the gold from the great favorite of the moment, the British Emma Pooley.

That metal helped him to continue betting on female professional cycling, so reviled. He was part of the creation of a purely feminine cycling team, the Twenty 16 that later became Twenty 20.

She is proud of having formed a happy home and learning to combine it with all the other facets that make her feel fulfilled. We saw his son on the podium in Rio. Right now, prepare the coming athletes. And it does precisely in Idaho, which was the city that hosts the cycling test that gave him the opportunity to make history the way he has done. That’s why he has now created an elite race against the clock in Boise, to give the same opportunity to the future of American cycling.

In fact, the chrono has been baptized with the name of Chrono Kristin Armstrong, 3 days of professional cycling reviewed by the UCI and with more than 35,000 dollars in prizes. Prizes that are divided equally between men and women, how could it be otherwise.

In fact, Kristin Armstrong has declared that “one of the obstacles for women in general in sports, is the cost of their way to be paid, something that occurs to a much lesser extent in men.”

The Olympic goal of Kristin Armstrong right now is to go but as a coach. In fact, she is a coach of the United States for high performance cyclists, helping the entire American team prepare for the next Olympic Games.

“I want to see what I can do in this sport in the next 10 years or more,” said Kristin Armstrong. A phrase that defines the person that is: has no ceiling. A unique person, a historical athlete, and a special woman. That’s Kristin Armstrong, the only person with three consecutive golds in the Olympic Games in the history of these. Irrepeatable.


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