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Cycling news

Catlike was at Interbike show introducing the latest cycling news for the American market. The 2016 season comes with an updated Mixino, Whisper, Kompact’o and Leaf models adding new color combinations. Additionally a new urban line has been introduced by Kompact’o Urban and Tako Urban helmets. Discover the full 2016 range in this video.

Another important cycling news for the season 2016 is the introduction of Fluorescent colors in Mixino, Whisper and Urban line. These bright tones offers more possibilities of combination and gives you high visibility for low light conditions.

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The RAPID helmet is the new aerodynamic helmet for Chrono and Triathlon. The design has been developed and tested by Catlike in collaboration with the University of Granada. Taking advantage of the information provided by the Wind Tunnel, RAPID incorporates a short tail that guarantees maximum aerodynamics even if the cyclist moves their head.

RAPID is presented in two different versions: RAPID which is designed for track and short time trials; and RAPID TRI for triathlon and long time trials.

The Tora is a new entry level helmet designed for recreational cyclists who like the aesthetics of the catlike design with maximum comfort on their heads at an affordable price.


The entire line of Catlike helmets, apart from Kitten and Tora, are Made in Spain. Catlike is the only cycling producer in the Spanish territory with almost 20 years of knowledge and experience in helmet development: from design and technological studies to the manufacturing and distribution processes.

Catlike has developed the new urban helmet line taking Kompact’o and Tako helmets as models of reference. These helmets were already in use by some Catlikers in the cities so we have been doing research on which are the most important features in an urban line; the data collected has been analyzed in order to improve these two helmets.

The new urban line helmets incorporate a cloth visor specially designed for the helmets that can be used in two positions: up and down to protect against sun and rain. In addition, the cloth visor is totally removable thanks to the Velcro hitch system.


The colors selected for the urban line combines functionality with aesthetics. Fluorescent colors provide extra visibility for the cyclists, a very important feature when riding at night or in low visibility weather conditions such as fog or rain.

Kompact’o helmets also incorporates reflective stickers on the rear part in order to maximize the visibility of riders that pedal in traffic.

Looking towards a more vintage style, we’ve selected the color brown in one model of Kompact’o and Tako. This tone is associated with a classy style that lovers of traditional cycling will undoubtedly appreciate.

Our aim when creating these cycling news urban line was to keep protecting cyclists around the world no matter where or which discipline they ride and to lend style for the city life.


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