The para-athletes Catlikers triumph at Rio

The Rio 2016 Paralympics Games have finished with great performances by the para-athletes protected by Catlike helmets who have been the recipient of olympic medals and/or diplomas.

Paralympics Games is the most important date for the para-athletes who have been preparing for this event for years. For them, representing their countries is an honor, and Catlike is also proud to be their official supplier of the best protective cycling products so they can perform their best and only need to think about placing first in the events during the next three weeks of competitions.


More than 15 para-athletes have participated in the Paralympics Games at Rio protected and equipped by Catlike cycling accessories. These athletes hail from a long list of countries including: Spain, Brazil, United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, Japan, South Africa and Thailand.

For these para-athletes, Catlike has prepared a series of 100% customized helmets that are combined with the cycling kit for every one of them. These customizations are possible thanks to the manufacturing process made integrally in Spain that allows these unique helmets into the market.


In addition to the privilege of being able to represent their own countries, some of these athletes have also been able to achieve great results as bringing home olympic medals and diplomas. In this case, it highlights the gold medal won by the South African Ernst Van Dyk at the H5 Handbike category, protected by Cloud 352 helmet. In addition, Brazilian Lauro Chaman achieved an historic silver medal for Brazil, the first for his country in the history of the Paralympic Games, protected by Chrono WT helmet.

Other athletes have also obtained noteworthy results. The British athlete Richard Chiassaro, protected by Rapid TRI, placed fourth at the athletics final of 400m and the Spaniard Mabel Gallardo finished fifth at triathlon, in her Cloud 352 with the Spanish flag.

Congratulations to all the #Catlikers for these great results at the Paralympic Games!


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