Know the best road bike helmet: The Mixino Road

If you are wondering which is the best road bike helmet, you won’t need to look any further, it’s called the Mixino. This model has a big list of features and benefits that make it the best road bike helmet. The most notable features of this model are safety and ventilation.

Best Road Bike Helmet


Mixino Road bike helmet safety: the best bike helmet

One of the main differences between road cycling and other modalities is that the velocities reached on asphalt can get quite high, especially down hill. Any slight incorrect movement or obstacle in the way can lead to catastrophe, a great reason why you have to be porperly protected. The road bike helmet Mixino incorporates new technologies of premium quality like an internal roll cage reinforced with Graphene nanofibers. This technology allows for better energy absorption from impacts while maintaining a minimum volume and weight.

Most road crashes are head on collisions, where the force of impact is coming directly in front of you at tremendous speeds. Mixino Road incorporates the Shock Absorption System technology that reinforces the absorption capacity for impacts in the frontal part of the helmet. Finally Catlike helmets are designed by incorporating the technology Safety Crash energy Splitter, a technique that distributes impact energy in a strategic way throughout the helmet and air vents, affecting more than one nerve, dispersing the energy.Best Road Bike Helmet

Ventilation and comfort of Mixino Road: the best road bike helmet

Best Road Bike Helmet

Other of the main concerns in the practice of road cycling is the amount of time that you can spend under the sun which can lead to heatstroke, dizziness or sickness. From detailed scientific studies, Catlike has developed the technology Dual Flow, that provides maximum ventilation from the 39 strategically placed air vents.
The superior ventilation and safety delivered by the Mixino Road already make it the best bike helmet on the market. In addition, its comfort and adjustability are just bonuses to an already excellent product. The best road cycling helmet, Mixino Road has; diameter adjustment; ergonomic adjustment (in order to adjust the width of the occipital lobe); height adjustment; rear adjustment (releaving pressure on the cervical vertebrae). In addition to all of this, Thermy-tex padding has been added for increased comfort; a super absorbent material that avoids the development and reproduction of bacteria.





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