5 perfect gifts for bike lovers

If you need to find a bike gift for someone special, for that person who only thinks of two wheels, for a person who loves cycling, we give you 5 perfect ideas. 5 possibilities, 5 exclusive products that only authentic bikers will appreciate.

5 bike gifts to surprise


First, we propose a GPS. There are thousands of GPS cyclists and well-known brands such as Wahoo or Garmin, but we want to propose a more original, more exclusive one. Surely you have not heard of him: Hammerhead Karoo. That’s right, the first GPS with a purely digital screen, with an Android system adapted to such a small gadget and with very unique features and graphics. A new way to see the different values ​​during your bike route, totally understandable. A full color map, enough of directions with arrows. A totally colorful and real profile, with a view to the moment: you will no longer have to wait to get home to see the details of your getaway. This GPS is a real different bike gift: the person to whom you give a gift can expect a GPS but not this GPS, it is quite unique. 399 dollars, just over 300 euros. Do not think they are worth less, but this however is different.

Leather biker shoes

The new trends do not lose that spirit for the retro, for the essential. The skin is an absolutely unique material. Today there are hardly any models of leather cycling shoes, and most are made of fibers or microfibers that are quite resistant and customizable, but without style.

Leather cycling shoes are a real luxury, an exclusive complement. It happens as with the previous example: the person can expect you to give them some cycling shoes, but not some genuine Spanish leather, handmade in Spain and with the latest technology: carbon sole, BOA Technology wheel, Clarino heel and heat etched. This cycling shoe, the Mixino Legend, is an authentic jewel.

A Buff for the cold

There are many brands, the most famous is definitely Buff. Work of a very curious type, the ill-fated Joan Rojas, Buff has become by far the most important brand of this type of outerwear. Right now, Buff is in full second sales, and it is possible to buy one of his clothes at a very decent price (normally, they are expensive compared to the competition).

There are dozens of designs, dozens of materials and very interesting garments with striking color combinations. A more than interesting possibility to give something original without spending too much.

A retro cycling helmet

There are many cycling helmets. Very many. Designs to thousands, colors to hundreds. But a true lover of cycling knows that there are historical pieces. The first in-mold cycling helmet that was injected in Spain was made by Catlike more than 20 years ago. Now, commemorating that anniversary, has launched a reissue of that model incorporating the most advanced technologies of today. The result: Catlike Origen, a bicycle helmet with the same design of yesteryear, but built in double casing, also incorporates a retro visor and MIPS eVo retention of Catlike, the same as its top range models.

In this way, you can go with your road or urban bike marking a huge difference: you wear a unique cycling helmet, with a retro design and a great history.

A book: the biography of Sagan

A guy who gets a biography with 29 years old must be a special guy. And Peter Sagan certainly is. The Slovak is the only cyclist who has won 3 consecutive World Championships. And a thousand more achievements. But Peter Sagan is much more: a unique person, who when riding on the bike leaves no one indifferent. All their triumphs are valid for those who rely on numbers, because their numbers are overwhelming. But for those who really love cycling, Peter Sagan has become a reference, one of those figures that change the paradigm. Sympathetic, unpredictable, spontaneous and an absolute idol of the masses.

His biography tells the story of how a young Slovak became one of the best cyclists in history. An indispensable work.

These are 5 unique proposals for unique bike gifts. If you still do not know what to give, this can open your mind.


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