Customized Catlike helmet at the Olympic Games Río 2016

The Olympic Games are celebrated every four years, an event where the best cyclists in the world are representing their individual countries. In order to protect these cyclists, Catlike has developed customized helmets that they will be wearing it in the competitions. For the athletes going to the Olympics it is a very important event, something that they have been dreaming about their entire life.


The Opening Ceremony will be celebrated next Friday August 5th, at Rio de Janeiro where the athletes sponsored by Catlike will walk for the first time in the stadium as representatives of their countries. A total amount of 16 #Catliker athletes will be the ones participating in this games, and they will do it protected by their customized helmet that Catlike has specially prepared for this event.


The main model chosen for this Olympic Games is the new Cloud 352. This helmet incorporates the technology “Dual Aero System” that allows the interchange of shells. The VeloDrom is designed for exceptional aerodynamics while the breathable shell favors the ventilation and lightness which are very important factors in high level competitions.

Brasil Mujer

The customizations made by Catlike design department allow athletes to wear a customized helmet with the colors of their countries flag, allowing them to feel a sense of pride while riding protected with the knowledge that their safety is in good hands.


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