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The Catlike Mixino is the jewel of the crown of the Murcian brand of bike helmets. A customized helmet for the cyclists of the RFEC, to carry one of the best helmets in the world.

For its lightness, of 200gr in its small size, for its ventilation and its safety, the Mixino becomes the star helmet of Catlike.

Its weight surprises, because it is united to the other two strong points of the Mixino. 39 air intakes in the form of ovals that, in addition to identifying it totally with Catlike, serve to create a system of two channels of air, called “Dual Flow”, that keeps the head completely aired in the hottest days.

But above all, it surprises so much lightness and ventilation if one takes into account its security and resistance. The Mixino is undoubtedly the safest cycling helmet on the market thanks to its internal mesh of graphene and aramid, a unique mesh that makes any impact is absorbed by the entire structure of the helmet. If to pass the homologation tests, to any bicycle helmet is enough to get down of a force of 300G in a single impact, the Mixino low of that amount although it is affected up to 5 times and in the same point, and always maintaining of a piece .

Something unique thanks to this exclusive Catlike technology. With an MPS eVo 4-point adjustment and a CES structure with a honeycomb design, the Mixino will undoubtedly be the favorite customize helmet of spanish national cyclists.

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Get your customized Catlike Mixino helmet with your own country colors!

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