Catlike protecting women’s cycling teamTwenty16 during 4 years.

Women’s cycling

The Twenty16 is a women’s cycling team based in the US formed by professional road and track riders, para-athletes and junior athletes. The team was founded in 2005 and renamed in 2009 to Twenty12 reflecting the teams focus on developing riders for the 2012 Olympic Games. Now the team prepares itself for the next goal, the 2016 Brazil Olympic Games, that’s why the team is now known as Twenty16.


The team has been protected by Catlike customized helmets since 2012. During the first year of collaboration the girls participated in the competitions with Whisper helmets colored white, blue, and black.

In the 2012 London Olympic Games, the Twenty12 cyclist Kristin Armstrong fought against the Chrono in the time trial proof, where the american athlete finally achieved the gold medal powered by a specially customized Chrono WT helmet with the US flag. This has been the most important feat gotten by the Team during their existence.

London Olympics Cycling Women

London Olympics Cycling Women

In 2013 the professional cyclist Mara Abbott won the Giro Rosa, the women’s race version of Giro d’Italia and one of the most important in women’s cycling. On her way to the climb, Mara was also protected by her Whisper Helmet.


For 2014, the team received customized Mixino, the new top of the range Catlike bike helmet, with the colors of the team. The helmet provided the team lightness and protection for their heads thanks to the incorporation of Graphene Nanofibers inside Mixino.

The junior cyclist of the team, Chloé Dygert won just a few days ago at the time trial junior World Championship in Richmond (USA) protected by Chrono WT helmet, what is a very important fact on her women’s cycling career.


The team is now focused on the next season where a great performance at the Brazil Olympic Games will be the highest goal of 2016. Kristin Armstrong has come back to the competition and maybe she will have the opportunity to win another Olympic Medal.


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    Muy fans del MIXINO. Y genial que se patrocinen tb equipos de ciclismo femenino

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