Catlike Forza 2.0: safety and lightness for enduro helmets

Forza 2.0 is the first convertible helmet from Catlike for the practice of Enduro and Downhill. Its versatility, design and ventilation make it unique specifically for enjoying the more extreme modalities in Mountain Biking.

The ventilation system included on Forza 2.0 is called “Oval Ventilation System”, a revolutionary design if we compare it with other models in this bracket. The distribution of oval shaped holes in the frontal and rear part of the helmet form an internal ventilation channel where the air flows constantly, creating the most ventilated enduro helmet available on the market.

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The versatility of Forza 2.0 is due to “Triangle Security System”. A technology that allows you to attach and remove the chin guard in a very quick and easy way. Thanks to this factor, Forza 2.0 turns into an adaptable helmet meeting the needs of the cyclist in the mix practice of Enduro and Downhill.

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Having full protection is not compromised by weight. Forza 2.0 is one of the most lightweight helmets in the convertible market, with only 668 grams in the combination of enduro helmet and chin piece, which are great statistics if we take in account all the elements that form the helmet.

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The adjustment system of Forza 2.0 is also revolutionary. Thanks to the joint efforts of Catlike and Boa Technology, a retention system has been developed that combines precision and comfort as never before seen in a enduro helmet. The dial has a lower profile that allows a millimeter with each click in both directions. The system utilizes filament lace, guaranteeing a smooth and even closure around the entire head.

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Joining the chin guard to the helmet, we achieve full face protection that protects the lower part of the face. This sensitive area is prone to impacts when practicing a modality like Downhill where the cyclists mix high land speeds with potentially hazardous obstacles.

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